Roamwild Travel Pillow
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A Family Business Established For Over 30 Years.
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        Roamwild Travel Pillow

        Travel in Private. Travel in Peace.

        Pre-Sale Starts October 23rd

        It's Time To Get A Full Night's Sleep On A Plane

        • Sleep in privacy and comfort 
        • Block out your surroundings 
        • Be comfy like your bed at home
        • Feel secure with added neck support
        • Get cozy with soft cotton outer material

        Key Features 

        Built In Self Inflating Side Supports

        Our unique self inflating side supports can be adjusted to your perfect comfort level. They also block out in-flight noise.

        Made With Ultra Comfy Memory Foam

        Just like your bed at home, our pillow is made with soft comfy memory foam, which also gives you added support.

        Hood For Privacy, Style & Comfort

        The hood blocks out everything that usually disturbs you on a busy flight & also provides comfort and style.

        Prepare For Takeoff...

        SO… WHAT ARE

        It's not super complicated, but it is super comfortable.

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