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        How To Fill Your Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder

        Step 1) Hold side of lid whist holding the feeder tube & lift lid upwards away from tube and rotate to the side.

        Step 2) Fill your feeder and replace lid by re-centring and pressing downwards until the lid clicks and locks down into the tube.


        How To Dissemble and Clean Your Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder

        Step 1) Release the metal collar by prizing its edges out and up from the plastic part. Then slide the metal collar up the clear tube exposing the plastic moulded tube release tabs.

        Step 2) While holding the base with both hands, depress the 2 moulded tabs while lifting upwards on the seed tube to release it.

        Step 3) Photo showing tube separate from the base.

        Step 4) Use a safe, non-toxic cleaner to soak the seed tube.

        Step 5) Use a nylon bristle brush to scrub the inside of the seed tube 

        Step 6) Use soft brushes or similar to gently remove debris from the base, run base under hot water if that helps break seed up.



        The Ultimate Guide To Attracting Birds To The Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder

        PestOff Mixed Seed / Sunflower FeederTry feeding sunflower hearts in your feeder to start with. The little birds will not be able to resist these and it will build their confidence quickly. Sunflower hearts also offer clean feeding.
        Some mixed seed mixes can create lots of mess as the little birds sift through finding their favourite seed and flicking the rest of the mix on the floor.
        In your Mixed Seed / Sunflower PestOff bird feeder you can also feed dried mealworms, any mixed seed mix and any type of sunflower seed.

        PestOff Peanut / Dried Mealworm / Suet Pellet FeederTry feeding a combination of dried mealworms, crushed peanuts and suet pellets to start with. The little birds will not be able to resist these and it will build their confidence quickly. (Tip – Suet pellets are much less expensive than peanuts and the little songbirds go crazy for them). You can make crushed nuts from your existing stock of peanuts by putting some peanuts in a carrier bag and bashing them with a heavy object. For adult use only.

        PestOff Nyjer / Thistle FeederThe PestOff Nyjer / Thistle feeder is designed to feed NYJER / THISTLE seed only.

        If for some reason you have tried these techniques and birds are still shy of the feeder, we reconmend you hang your old bird feeder up (and fill it up half way) next to the PestOff bird feeder, once your old feeder empties the birds should then move onto the PestOff feeder. You can then remove your old feeder. 

         Feeder Hanger Instructions

        The PestOff Bird Feeder has several squirrel deterrent design elements. The large lid serves as a squirrel baffle to keep them from climbing down the feeder. If the squirrel does land on the feeder, the spring loaded perches will drop down under the squirrel's weight and deny access to the seed.

        As with any squirrel proof bird feeder you must hang the PestOff Bird Feeder at least 18" (45cm) away from anything that a squirrel can stand on and reach out to grab the feeder. If a squirrel is standing on a deck railing and can reach your PestOff Bird Feeder, he is able to access the seed ports without activating the weight mechanisms. You can use the PestOff Bird Feeder Brackets to hang your PestOff Bird Feeder so that there is at least 18" (45cm) of clearance around the feeder. See diagram for details. Pestoff Bird Feeder Brackets are not included but are available seperatley