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      PestOff Bird Feeder / Chicken Feeder Range:
      EU Design Registration no. 003817204
      US Design Patent Pending - 29/606,491
      UK Patent Pending no. 1612894.41618523.3
      European Patent no. 3104695
      US Patent No. 10314294
      EU Design Registration no. 003079508-0001
      US Design Patent No. D811013
      EU Design Registration no. 003079508-0002
      US Design Patent No. D811014
      Canadian Design Patent No 176554

      Roamwild Surround Travel pillow:
      EU design registration no. 002631739
      US design patent no. USD766623
      UK patent no. GB2536850
      US patent pending no. 15/121,932
      Chinese patent pending no. 2015800105415

      Roamwild Airtushi:
      EU design registration no. 002457333
      US design patent no. USD742653
      European patent pending no. 15717056.4
      US patent pending no. 15/304,766

      Roamwild Armrest Buddy:
      EU design registration no. 002627406
      UK patent pending no. GB1601545.5
      US patent pending no. 15/008036

      Roamwild Multi-Cutter:
      UK Patents pending No.s GB1806184.6 & GB1717041.6
      Community Registered Designs No.s 004383206 & 005269214
      US Patent Pending No. 15/955,326
      US Design Patent Pending No. 29/642,637

      Roamwild Multi-Pullsaw:
      EU Community Design Registration No. 004130599
      US Design Patent Pending No. 29/634,846

      Roamwild Car Crack Vac:
      EU Community Design No. 005537545
      UK Patent Pending No.GB1819611.3

      Roamwild Hummingbird Feeder:
      Community Registered Design 005661212

      Roamwild Multi-Digger Spade:
      Community design application no. 005520764-0002

      Roamwild Multi-Digger Fork:
      Community design application no. 005520764-0001
      UK Patent Pending No. 1906833.7

      Roamwild Scratch & Play
      EU Community Design Application No. 005626967

      Carry-More Roamwild
      Community Registered Design No. 005824794
      UK Patent Pending No.GB1901936.3

      Roamwild Arch Window Bird Feeder
      EU Design Registration No. 005844123
      US Design Patent Pending No. 29693707 

      Roamwild PestOff Seed Catcher
      EU design registration no. 007511589