Roamwild Hanging Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder
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        We have tackled every problem people have with hummingbird feeders and have removed every issue, trouble and challenge that would prevent the wonderful hummingbirds from feeding. 

        Main Features:

        • The unique feeding port design and double ant moat technology prevents crawling insects, ants, bees and wasps from accessing the nectar letting only your hummingbirds enjoy the nectar.
        • With our feeder nectar stays fresher for longer – the beautiful natural tulip shape sun shade / weather guard protects birds and nectar from the sun's UV & all weathers, meaning the nectar will not spoil and last for longer.
        • The tulip shaped shade also keeps other unwanted birds from landing and messing on the feeder – so no more unwanted droppings or debris on your hummingbird feeder!
        22cm x 22cm x 14cm
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